Brush The Bald Spots Away & Go From Thinner to Thicker INSTANTLY

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Features & Benefits

  • Makes Hair Look Thicker & Fuller Just By Brushing!
  • Soft Boar Bristles are Gentle on Thin Hair
  • Combs Through Hair Without Pulling or Breaking
  • Promotes Hair Growth in Density and Thickness
  • Keeps Hair Looking Healthy and Shiny
  • Works on All Hair Types
  • Great for Men and Women

Adds Volume, Body, & Shine

  • Before and after
  • Before and after
  • Before and after
  • Before and after

Introducing Thicker Hairbrush™

Thicker Hairbrush™ is amazing new natural boar hair bristle brush that uses an age-old beauty secret to help prevent hair loss while adding volume, body, and shine to thinning, dry, and damaged hair!

The secret is the 1000's of natural boar hair bristles that stimulate your scalp and bring your hair's natural oils from the back up to the top and front where they're needed to nourish and rebuild dry damaged and thinning hair.

Thicker Hairbrush™'s natural bristles also stimulate increased blood flow to help revitalize the look and feel of your hair for a noticeable difference in just days!

  • The look of Thick Hair without Medication
  • It's a completely Natural Solution
  • Volume...That's what I get the Volume